We have over 350,000 Guidepoint Advisors from over 200 countries in 150 industries
in the Guidepoint Network—which continues to grow every day.

Advisor Concentration by Sector

  • Healthcare
  • Energy & Industrials
  • TMT
  • Financial & Business Services
  • Consumer Goods & Services

Advisor Location by Region

  • Americas
  • EMEA
  • APAC
Guidepoint On-Demand Sourcing

On-Demand Sourcing

At Guidepoint, we are proud to provide our clients with Advisors that match their specific expertise criteria. In order to best match our clients and Advisors, not only do we tap our existing professional network, Guidepoint also sources experts on-demand to join our network and connect with our clients. Our clients appreciate the quality and accuracy of the services we facilitate—we have a 90%+ client retention rate every year.

Guidepoint Interested in Becoming an Advisor?

Interested in Becoming an Advisor?

Guidepoint recruits, registers, and rigorously vets each Advisor on their knowledge and expertise prior to accepting them in our network. Our teams will look into our network to reach out to individual Advisors regarding relevant projects based on our clients’ needs. We only contact our Advisors when we believe the Advisor will be a great match for our client, making our interactions as efficient as possible.
If you are interested and think your expertise would be valuable to our clients, please contact us.

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