Compliance Overview for Advisors

Guidepoint’s compliance program both shields you and depends on you. Our policies and procedures provide real guidance and clarity with respect to your obligations to others, your potential conflicts and where the boundary lies on what is appropriate information for a consultation with our Clients. They are designed to help you engage in only those consultations that are suitable and with which you are comfortable. However, they can only be effective if you provide us with accurate and up-to-date information concerning potential conflicts and you at all times conduct yourself in accordance with our compliance requirements.

To assist Advisors in understanding and following Guidepoint Global Advisors’ compliance practices we employ clear rules and provide explanation and support. We also require Advisor profile information to be accurate and up-to-date.

Clear Rules

In our Terms & Conditions and compliance policies, we have implemented conservative ground rules that govern every consultation and to which every Advisor must agree before they may consult with our Clients. These ground rules often are considerably more stringent than the law requires and draw bright-line distinctions in areas of particular sensitivity. For example, while the law may permit an employee to convey certain information about his or her own employer, such as information that is in the public domain, Guidepoint flatly prohibits an Advisor from engaging in a Guidepoint consultation if the subject of the consultation is the Advisor’s employer, regardless of whether the information to be discussed is known to the public.

Explanation and Support

We provide our Advisors with several tools that offer explanation and training concerning our rules. Through means such as our mandatory Advisor Compliance Tutorial, summary of key compliance rules, and Frequently Asked Questions, we help Advisors understand how to apply our rules to their consultations. Of course, an Advisor always may seek assistance from us whenever you are uncertain or have a compliance question. Guidepoint’s Legal and Compliance teams are always available to answer questions and to assist Advisors in applying Guidepoint’s rules.

The Importance of Accurate Information

Our compliance policies and procedures work best if they are based on accurate and up-to-date information. Consequently, every Advisor is contractually required to update their employment information and disclosure of potential conflicts with each new consultation. Guidepoint and its Clients rely upon this information in applying compliance screening and auditing. If you are unsure how to update this information, contact us and we will assist you. Failure to maintain accurate and timely information could be cause for removal from our network.

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