Guidepoint built its business by making critical connections in healthcare. Thirteen years later, Guidepoint continues to be a leader in healthcare connections with one of the largest databases of life science professionals.

Our in-demand experts — hailing from regions all around the world and representing the full healthcare ecosystem — can help you identify emerging therapies, assess market share, and investigate new growth opportunities.

Some of the world’s top investment firms and life sciences companies tap our network to gain the added insights they need. Will you make the call?

A Client

Over 700 companies use Guidepoint’s services.

  • Nine of the top 10 consulting firms
  • Hundreds of hedge funds, including five of the largest firms
  • More than 100 private equity firms
  • Over 100 large public companies


Sample Research Needs

Treatments for bacterial keratitis

What is the current landscape for treatments for specific bacterial infection? What treatments are in trial? Can I speak to physicians about their treatment experiences?

Brand versus generic drugs

I need insight into how insurance companies will view a new, generic equivalent to an existing prescription skin medication.

Specialized procedure tracking

Monthly tracking of market share for heart valve replacement

Dedicated to bringing you practical insights

Guidepoint’s healthcare network includes experts from across the full healthcare ecosystem — practitioners, scientists, researchers, hospital executives, benefits veterans, regulators, professionals, and more — with years of unduplicated, on-the-ground experience. And if you need an expert outside of our network, Guidepoint’s dedicated healthcare team will recruit the best in the field, on call to answer your most urgent questions.

Sample Experts


Clinical Trial Investigator


Biomedical Engineer


Senior Patent Attorney


Health Benefits Consultant


Director of Surgical Services

Sample Industry Events

Group Meetings

Group Meetings at the World Conference of Lung Cancer (WCLC)

Breakfast Meeting

Hematologic Malignancies


The American Association for Clinical Chemistry


Teleconference on Genetic Sequencing

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