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Tech, media, and telecom is a broad sector that is continually evolving, driven by new tools, channels, ideas, and demand.

Change is constant — but Guidepoint’s tech, media, and telecom experts can keep you up to date on the latest market developments across the entire value chain. Or maybe you’re looking for a deep dive into an existing software. With a large network of TMT Advisors, we’ll find you the right professional with the exact industry knowledge you’re looking for.

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Sample Research Needs

Connected TVs

What are the latest features on the horizon in the connected/smart TV market? What are the effects on media consumption and advertising? Explain the multiscreen experience.

E-commerce, daily deal, and coupon industry

I need a deep dive into the e-commerce space related to publishers of deals, coupons, and offers, including technology assessment, quality assessment, competitive landscape, barriers to entry, online shipping processes, and more.

Wireless technology

What is the market potential for a new technology for wireless antennas, and what will be the impact on industry participants?

A Range of Leading Professionals

Guidepoint’s Advisor network includes the most experienced software engineers, telecom specialists, digital advertising executives, and more.

We rigorously vet professionals to find the most qualified expert to satisfy your project needs. Take a look at just some of the credentials of our TMT experts around the globe.

Sample Experts


Director of IT Architecture


Manager of Cyber Security


Senior Telecommunications Engineer


Vice President of Mobile Services


Head of Digital Products, Television

Sample Industry Events


Semiconductor Pricing and International Competition


Cyber Security


Rapidly Changing Television Ecosystem


Verizon’s Acquisition of AOL

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