About Guidepoint Data & Analytics

The Guidepoint Data & Analytics Team is focused on identifying, acquiring and delivering timely data with the aim of offering clients unparalleled quantitative insight into company and sector performance. By taking an approach to data sourcing that builds upon our team’s extensive experience and a rich understanding of each sector’s ecosystem, we offer insights from unique and differentiated sources. Our objective is to provide clients with the most accurate and valued data available.

What We Provide

Our offerings are designed to bring value to sophisticated, data-savvy clients as well as information-focused clients looking to incorporate quantitative data into a fundamental perspective.

We provide our clients with the following product options:

  • Raw Data Feeds – Cleansed and reviewed for consistency and accuracy, the source data gives our clients the ability to perform their own internal analyses or use the data to support a quant-driven strategy
  • Summary & Overview Data – We identify and curate relevant and valued company or sector specific data points derived from large source data sets
  • Custom Data – Bespoke product providing custom views into our data that will answer precise, detailed questions and address information requirements

Coverage Areas

  • US Consumer Spend
  • Global Internet and Ecommerce
  • China Macro & Employment
  • Healthcare


All Guidepoint Data and Analytics offerings are scrubbed of PII, obtained from third parties who own or are authorized to share the data, and are reviewed by Guidepoint’s compliance team.

We are continually seeking out new data sources and our offerings are always evolving and expanding to include new coverage areas. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our current products and/or receive notifications of future offerings.

A Client

Over 700 companies use Guidepoint’s services.

  • Nine of the top 10 consulting firms
  • Hundreds of hedge funds, including five of the largest firms
  • More than 100 private equity firms
  • Over 100 large public companies
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