About Meetings and Events

Every now and then, the insights you’re looking for come from places you wouldn’t expect. Because of this, Guidepoint hosts more than 2,000 live events each year, allowing clients to gain expert knowledge from Advisors while also connecting with the brightest of their peers.

Guidepoint’s roster of live expert events are designed to enhance your knowledge about the latest industry trends and developments while also building your professional network. These invitation-only, expert-led sessions are often held in conjunction with major industry meetings but can also be programmed quickly for breaking industry discussions. Whether it’s discussing the latest cardiovascular treatment, developments in cyber security, or thoughts on a breaking industry merger, you may be surprised at the knowledge uncovered by hearing from your peers and other perspectives.

But for those who can’t leave the office, Guidepoint’s expert teleconferences allow you to hear from Advisors in a group setting right from your office chair. In today’s fast-moving business world, Guidepoint is always ready to offer you these events instantly — with selective expert analyses of critical breaking stories, before the issues grow cold. To accommodate busy schedules, Guidepoint also offers playbacks.

Logistics Made Easy

Guidepoint’s dedicated events team handles all the logistics for meetings and teleconferences, allowing you to focus on making the best connections. All you have to do is respond to the invitation and attend.

And like Guidepoint’s other services, experts are recruited and vetted to ensure you’re hearing from the most knowledgeable professional on that topic.

Guidepoint Event Offerings Include:

  • Topical group meetings, often held in conjunction with key national and international conferences
  • Tailored, in-person, one-on-one meetings before, during, or after conferences
  • Custom guided tours of exhibits with selected Advisor(s)

Outside of Industry Conferences, Guidepoint offers:

  • Live expert meetings on breaking news
  • Discussions or conference summaries via teleconference

A Client

Over 700 companies use Guidepoint’s services.

  • Nine of the top 10 consulting firms
  • Hundreds of hedge funds, including five of the largest firms
  • More than 100 private equity firms
  • Over 100 large public companies
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 Case Studies

Delivering Knowledge with Custom Events

When a potential new use for an existing product came along, a Guidepoint client sought to better understand the market. By attending two invitation-only dinners with leaders in the field, the client was able to obtain enhanced insights and found substantial support for the new use.

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