About Phone Consultations

When investigating a field or topic, a phone consultation is a direct pathway to information. Typically lasting an hour, phone consultations are private, confidential calls between the user and a vetted subject-matter expert, allowing for uninterpreted insights.

The Guidepoint process is human-powered yet tech-assisted to ensure accuracy, speedy service, and smooth connections to experts. After you place a request, your dedicated project manager and research analysts will research the topic and identify the most appropriate Guidepoint Advisors with the precise knowledge you desire. Each Advisor is pre-screened to your criteria to ensure qualified expertise. Guidepoint will then schedule the call, sometimes that same day, and then process is complete.

It’s that simple.

Engage with as many experts as necessary. Guidepoint custom recruits the most experienced professionals based on your needs or can tap into our database of more than 300,000 Advisors.

A Client

Over 700 companies use Guidepoint’s services.

  • Nine of the top 10 consulting firms
  • Hundreds of hedge funds, including five of the largest firms
  • More than 100 private equity firms
  • Over 100 large public companies
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  • Judy was one of the best expert calls I’ve ever had, and I have had hundreds.

    – Consulting firm client
  • You’ve done a GREAT JOB on the super rapid recruitment, and these KOLs and community doctors have been exactly what we’re looking for.

    – Corporate healthcare client

Guidepoint Advisors hail from over 100 industry categories across six sectors. Learn more about our database of over 300,000 experts and recruiting capabilities.