About Surveys and Quick Polls

When you need to learn from a large number of experts in a short amount of time, Guidepoint’s surveys and quick polls offerings are powerful tools. Expert surveys enable clients to hear from as many industry experts as necessary with one single touch. And with multiple viewpoints revealed at once, coming to conclusions can be even more efficient.

How We Do It

After you submit your project request, our survey analysts will collaborate with you to design and develop questionnaires that have maximum impact. Analysts will leverage Guidepoint’s network of more than 300,000 Advisors, along with their own custom recruiting prowess, to pinpoint and recruit the exact respondents you need. In many cases, we will reach beyond our network to find the most appropriate experts.

Your dedicated analyst team will then optimize your survey by helping you determine the best types of questions and word choice, maximizing the ability to find the data you seek. Typically, initial survey results are delivered to clients within days, with full reports ready within a week or two.

A Client

Over 700 companies use Guidepoint’s services.

  • Nine of the top 10 consulting firms
  • Hundreds of hedge funds, including five of the largest firms
  • More than 100 private equity firms
  • Over 100 large public companies
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Five-Step Process Shortens Your Path to Insights:


Why Guidepoint:

Guidepoint has the unique ability to pinpoint and recruit the exact populations with keen insights into your topic.

If you’re looking for a shorter turnaround time, and the perspectives of a limited pool of respondents, Guidepoint’s Quick Polls can deliver results in as little as 24 hours. Quick Polls typically consist of five questions and a sample base of 15 to 25 respondents yet offers Guidepoint’s same optimization and network power — without having to spend time conducting calls with multiple experts.

 Case Studies

Bringing Biotech Thought Leadership to Life

To prepare for a key presentation at a medical conference, a biotech firm turned to Guidepoint to conduct a comprehensive survey of specialists. Within weeks, the firm was delivered a 34-page report that offered critical input and a window into the mind of a physician.

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