Gain deeper insight from Guidepoint experts into the new landscape of business as we begin to recover from COVID-19

Since early in the pandemic, Guidepoint Insights has charted the impact that Coronavirus, quarantine and other factors have had on businesses world-wide, bringing our clients a multi-faceted understanding of how to operate and where to invest in this new, more complex environment.

We have hosted, and will continue to host, hundreds of teleconferences about how individual companies and industries are being affected, offering clients in-depth analysis of how they may evolve going forward, where future-growth could come from, and what potential opportunities may arise in the near- and long-term.

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Upcoming Calls

Friday, June 5th
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – The Outlook on Commercial Real Estate: Office, Industrial, and Multifamily – Financials
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – Marvell and Xilinx: Discussing 5G Base Station Opportunity With a Former Nokia Executive – TMT
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – Trucking and 3PL: Real-Time Data Points on Rates, Volumes From a Private Operator – Industrials
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – AB InBev: Attempting to Grow in a Subdued European Beer Market – Consumer
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – Zendesk: 2020 Outlook and Review From Partner Perspective – TMT
12:30 PM ET (GMT-5) – Former CEO of AC Milan on the Prospects and Economic Impacts to European Football as the Season Resumes – Consumer
12:30 PM ET (GMT-5) – Amer Sports: Downturn Challenges and D2C Channel Opportunities – Consumer
1:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – Home Furnishings: CFO of Crate and Barrel Discusses Williams-Sonoma, Wayfair, and RH – Consumer
1:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – Workato: iPaaS Partner Perspective on Customer Trends – TMT
1:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – Cummins: Can It Gain Market Share in Diesel Engines While It Invests in Electrification? – Industrials

Recent Calls

June 3rd – Cruise Lines: Assessing Demand Trends Amid Reopenings
June 3rd – Retail and Fitness: Where Is Foot Traffic Returning To? Analysis by Location Technology Company
June 3rd – Grocery Supply Chain: Perspectives From a NY-Based Supermarket Cooperative

June 3rd – Nexi and SIA: More Consolidation in Payments?

June 3rd – IPO Series: PharmaSGP & European OTC CBD Market

June 3rd – Former Halliburton Exec Discusses Forward Bookings in Energy Investment

June 3rd – China Series: TAL Education — Will the Global Boom in Online Learning Increase the Enterprise’s Growth?
June 3rd – Can Twitter’s Ad Platform Compete as Others Shift to On-Platform Commerce
June 3rd – Former LiveRamp Executive Discusses Structural Tailwinds Amid Changes in Data Privacy
June 3rd – Fortinet: Channel Check With CIO of Platinum Fortinet Partner

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