Gain deeper insight from Guidepoint experts into the new landscape of business as we begin to recover from COVID-19

Since early in the pandemic, Guidepoint Insights has charted the impact that Coronavirus, quarantine and other factors have had on businesses world-wide, bringing our clients a multi-faceted understanding of how to operate and where to invest in this new, more complex environment.

We have hosted, and will continue to host, hundreds of teleconferences about how individual companies and industries are being affected, offering clients in-depth analysis of how they may evolve going forward, where future-growth could come from, and what potential opportunities may arise in the near- and long-term.

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Upcoming Calls

Friday, June 19th
8:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – Time for Tea: Unilever’s Strategic Review of its Tea Business – Consumer
10:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – ZoomInfo (ZI) Perspectives From an Enterprise SaaS Decision-Maker – TMT
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – Gym Reopenings in California: Crunch Fitness Franchisee Discusses Early Reads – Consumer
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Synergies and Hurdles in Manufacturing – Healthcare
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – Amazon’s Healthcare Ambitions: What Can We Learn From Its Consent Forms and Legal Filings? – Industrials
12:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – Movie Theaters: Assessing Reopening Trends and 2020 Outlook – Consumer
1:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – Food Service: How Will Aramark Navigate the Recovery? – Consumer
1:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – Credit Acceptance 101: Can the Company Survive Double-Digit Unemployment? – Financials
2:30 PM ET (GMT-5) – LNG Shipping and Scrubber Retrofit Economics: 1H 2020 Market Update – Industrials

Monday, June 22nd
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – Rare Disease 101 Series: Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency – Healthcare

Recent Calls

June 15th – Just Eat–Grubhub: Deal Rationale and Options for Remaining Players
June 12th – UK Casual Dining: What Does It Take to Return to Profit?
June 12th – Auto Parts Retail Update: Insight From a Major Operator

June 15th – Lemonade 101: A Review of This Insurtech IPO
June 12th – The State of NYC Commercial Real Estate in the Wake of a Global Health Crisis

June 15th – Pest Control Industry: Rollins Considers Its Strategic Options
June 15th – NKLA: Will It Succeed in Launching Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks?
June 15th – Commercial Food Service Equipment: Current Business Trends as Restaurants Reopen

June 15th – Ciena and Infinera: Discussing DCI Market and Web-Scale Opportunities at 800G
June 15th – Appian: Competitive Positioning and State of the BPM Market

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