Gain deeper insight from Guidepoint experts into the global effects of COVID-19 on the economy

Guidepoint Insights has been actively following the Coronavirus outbreak with a focus on helping our clients better understand this fluid global public health crisis. We have hosted, and will continue to host, a series of Coronavirus-specific teleconferences that offer clients in-depth analysis of the disease, government responses, and potential economic implications across a variety of industries.

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Upcoming Calls

Monday, April 6th
9:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – The China COVID-19 Experience: How Hospital Administrators Are Managing Service Demand and Supply Chain – Healthcare
9:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – COVID-19: Impact on the Automotive Supply Chain – Industrials
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – COVID-19: Possible Supply Constraints in Laboratory Testing – Healthcare
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – COVID-19: Impact on Ride Sharing - How Will The Business Models Change? – TMT
12:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – Department Stores: What's the Plan for Surviving Coronavirus? – Consumer
2:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – COVID-19: Residential Real Estate Impact — Thoughts From a Major Agency – Financials
2:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – FOX: Betting on Streaming Video Platform Tubi As Sports and Advertising Face COVID-19 Pressure – TMT
4:30 PM ET (GMT-5) – COVID-19: Checking in on the China Coffee Retailers – Consumer

Tuesday, April 7th
11:00 AM ET (GMT-5) – COVID-19: Insights from a Papa John's Franchisee – Consumer
1:00 PM ET (GMT-5) – Cardiology Update: Analyzing Renal Denervation Data and COVID-19's Impact on Procedures – Healthcare

Recent Calls

April 3rd – GameStop: Turnaround Potential in the Face of COVID-19
April 3rd – COVID-19: Hertz and Auto Rentals
April 3rd – COVID-19: Examining Live Nation's Challenges and Opportunities Amid Concert Cancellations

April 3rd – Is It 2008? Subprime Auto Lending During the Coronavirus Outbreak

April 3rd – COVID-19 Basics: Understanding Viral Behavior to Address the Coronavirus
April 3rd – COVID-19: Independent Lab Perspective on Current Diagnostic Testing
April 3rd – COVID-19 Front Lines in Florida With Former CDC Epidemiologist

April 3rd – COVID-19's Implications on the Agricultural Supply Chain and Updates on the Future of AgTech

April 3rd – COVID-19 Semiconductor Checks: Update on Demand at Huawei and in China Overall
April 3rd – IT Spending Trends and COVID-19: What's the Potential Impact?

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