Case Study: Challenging the Opposition’s Experts through Expert Insight

The challenge

When a demolition worker accused his employer of failing to provide a safe work environment after falling debris allegedly resulted in two broken toes, the construction company’s Connecticut law firm — tasked with maintaining the employee had been hurt before arriving at work — feared they’d end up needing to settle the claim.

Our task: deliver a competitive advantage through a Guidepoint Expert Witness Profile, designed to provide both greater understanding of opposing experts’ litigation history and critical insight into their potential testimony.

Helping a Hartford law firm analyze past testimony to anticipate an impending one

The solution

Following an in-depth review of the litigation history of the plaintiff’s expert witness — an accident reconstruction expert —our Expert Witness Profile team provided the edge the defense needed:

  • Our exploration revealed the expert had given testimony that was dismissed twice before.
  • This prompted the defense to hire its own accident reconstruction expert to contest the plaintiff’s findings.
  • The defense subsequently proved the opposing witness had failed to account for several factors when evaluating the accident.

The results

With our Expert Witness Profile providing the defense with the intelligence necessary to invalidate the testimony of the opposition’s expert witness, the case was ruled to have “no grounds” and was ultimately thrown out.

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