Case Study: Turning Transactional Data into MedTech Insights

The challenge

A hedge fund portfolio manager in the ultra-competitive healthcare space needed a way to access MedTech purchasing data in advance of the crowd — in order to identify trends ahead of consensus.

Helping a portfolio manager access near real-time data to gain a very real advantage

The solution

We invited the client to leverage Qsight Alpha, a proprietary product that provides near real-time insight into market share and purchasing trends for 16 companies in the MedTech space.

Through Alpha’s weekly capture of the precise products and devices purchased by thousands of hospitals, our client could compare and contrast pricing dynamics and market share shifts among top manufacturers.

The results

Thanks to QSight Alpha’s near real-time reporting of actual spend, market growth and other crucial MedTech data, our client found a way to make the most informed and quantifiable decisions possible — in the quickest time possible.

Gain Insight into Purchasing Behavior