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Fill gaps in your research and deepen your understanding of emerging trends and essential information with Guidepoint Insights. Working with our extensive network of expert Advisors, we deliver timely and topical perspectives through moderated calls conducted by our Insights team and client-generated calls shared for your use.

Our team of former analysts and experienced moderators, cut through the noise to get quick answers to your most pressing issues across sectors. By focusing on the right topics, selecting the right experts and asking the right questions, we help you master complex topics, reduce research time and sharpen your analysis.







3 Ways to Deepen Understanding with Guidepoint Insights



Add weight to your research while letting the Insights team do all the heavy lifting. Our team of former analysts and experienced moderators knows how to get to the core of what matters most by asking the right questions to the right experts.  Teleconference topics include industry trends, M&A, policy changes, upcoming catalysts and competitive assessments.


Live and Virtual Events

To help you gain the most intelligence from in-person events, our Insights team organizes them in both group meeting and roundtable formats. Group meetings are held around industry tradeshows and conferences, enabling you to meet with a specific sector expert to discuss breaking news and key takeaways. Roundtables are exclusive gatherings that bring you together with influential industry professionals for a unique open discussion covering future trends and complex sector-specific topics


Focus Polls

Scale your research without any extra effort. Our short-format, longitudinal and cross-sectional surveys, commissioned by Insights team analysts, are designed to capture hard-to-source expert takes on product launches and underlying business trends. You’ll gain access to valuable first-person intelligence regarding market-driving factors like price/volume dynamics and market-share shifts.

How Our Team Benefits Yours

Comprehensive Coverage

With information cultivated from closely following key companies, captured in multiple formats and curated online, it has never been easier to access the intelligence that makes a difference. From live teleconferences to focus polls to an always-on content library that puts answers at your fingertips, our Insights team makes sure you get the critical knowledge you need —how and when you want it.

Invaluable Experience

Led by accomplished former analysts, many with 20+ years of expertise in macro/political issues and across the Healthcare, TMT, Consumer, Industrials, Financial and Energy categories, our Insights team is well-versed in the topics and types of questions that most empower decision-making — enabling you to get indispensable, up-to-date information without doing the prep work yourself.

Ever-Expanding Expertise

We pair our Insights team with our network of Guidepoint Advisors, comprised of more than 1,500,000 experts and thought leaders across 300+ industries, all capable of providing a thorough analysis of the complex issues that drive business today. By hand-selecting the expert involved in every interaction, we ensure you can stay on top of emerging trends, business models and technologies.

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