Guidepoint Qsight

Turn Data into a Difference-Maker with Guidepoint Qsight

With Guidepoint Qsight, we take a tailored approach to gathering intelligence that includes sourcing a combination of traditional and alternative data — so we can provide analysis that leads to insights that are granular, real-time, and most importantly, enable action.

Drawing on our extensive healthcare industry experience and expertise, we offer three ways to obtain the information required for critical business and investment decisions: leverage our collection of established datasets to provide insight into company and industry trends, gain access to our exclusive primary research data or collaborate with us to create a bespoke solution to your business needs.


Strategic focus to power decision-making

Proprietary product mapping & data cleansing technology

Versatile reporting & visualization options

End-to-End service & support

More Ways to Leverage Data with Guidepoint Qsight

Whether you’re seeking insights into investment decisions or looking for competitive market intelligence, Guidepoint Qsight is designed to drive you forward.

Qsight Tracker

Sourced from thousands of physicians across specialties, Qsight Tracker discerns patterns based on recurring survey data, sharing insights into top Aesthetics and MedTech companies on a monthly basis and via procedure-specific Alerts.

Qsight Alpha

Grounded in the latest healthcare data, Qsight Alpha provides visibility into MedTech purchasing behavior. Access near real-time insights into market share and purchasing trends through our fundamental and quantitative data products.

Qsight Custom Solutions

Partner with the Qsight Team to leverage our unique data assets and build custom intersections to help your team answer the most specific questions.

Gain a Quantitative Advantage

By taking a customized approach to gathering and processing data, Qsight can help you identify trends and gain visibility into market performance — fueling the critical insights needed to inform your most crucial business and investment decisions.

Data Sourcing that Runs Deep

Our comprehensive portfolio includes data assets from 4,000+ healthcare facilities (including ASCs), 700M+ facility-level transactions, 5M+ distinct products, 5,000+ durable medical equipment pharmacies, 400+ aesthetics practices and MedSpas, line-level claims data on 100M+ U.S. covered lives, and 2,000+ accessible physicians globally across a wide spectrum of medical specialties.

And Qsight Alpha tracks product-level purchasing behavior across ~25 MedTech manufacturers, including Abiomed (ABMD), Boston Scientific (BSX), Edward Lifesciences (EW), Penumbra (PEN), and Smith & Nephew (SNN).

Data Science that Delivers

With our team of data scientists and market research specialists, Qsight can uncover the data necessary to power decision-making and structure it for best use according to our detailed quality assurance process, point-in-time backtesting and proprietary mapping.

Data Support that’s In Demand

Our healthcare and data experts become an extension of your team, offering complete end-to-end support through our quantitative analytics expertise and the ability to source primary data on-demand.

Meet the Guidepoint Qsight Team

Erik Haines

Managing Director

Robert Conklin

Senior Vice President, Sales

Justin Jones

Senior Director of Technology

Kenny Dolgin

Director of Quantitative Research

Travis Deseran

Director of Quantitative Research

Jordan Coimbra

Vice President of Strategy

Sean Sookhoo

Vice President

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