One-to-One Interactions

Turn Knowledge into Leverage with One-to-One Interactions

At Guidepoint, we connect you quickly, directly and privately with a prequalified subject-matter expert whose first-hand experiences help you gain the upper hand.

From former c-suite executives to hands-on product engineers, leading research scientists to your very own customers, by leveraging the expertise of individuals, One-to-One Interactions provide access to the hard-to-source answers that unlock action. Simply share details around your specific need, and often within 36 hours of the request, we’ll connect you with a hand-selected expert.

Service around the Clock

Teams on 4 Continents

Answers Often within Hours

Why One-to-Ones are #1 with Guidepoint Clients

  • Direct and confidential meetings with the expert(s) of your choice
  • Fast and accurate facilitation, with same-day calls possible in many cases
  • Relevant and invaluable dialogue, covering your most pressing topics

Sourcing 21 One-to-Ones to Gain One Big Leg Up

See how we helped a consulting team get up to speed on the plastic packaging market with record speed.

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