Guidepoint connects clients with vetted subject matter experts—Advisors—from our global professional network. Our clients leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our Advisors to stay informed and make better business decisions.

How Guidepoint Works

Guidepoint About Us Request a Project

Request Expertise

Every Guidepoint client has a dedicated Project Manager and service team. Reach your Project Manager online or by phone to let them know what expertise you’re seeking and your timeframe.

Guidepoint About Us Review Selected Advisors

Select Advisors

Your Project Manager will provide appropriate, relevant Guidepoint Advisors that best fit your project needs. Select the Advisors you would like to connect with and Guidepoint takes care of the logistics.

Guidepoint About Us Learn From Advisors

Learn from Advisors

You’ll learn from the right Advisors every time, vetted to ensure consistency with Guidepoint’s industry-leading compliance platform. Your services are scheduled and provided in a timely manner so you can begin learning from Advisors as soon as possible.

Our clients learn from Advisors through our unique service offerings such as phone consultations, events, surveys, and data.

Gain Deeper Understanding

Direct Research

Drive more informed decisions with our expert services including one-to-one consultations, quick polls and scalable surveys.

Moderated Research

Leverage critical perspectives through expert-led teleconferences, group meetings and roundtables by the Guidepoint Insights team.

Data-Driven Research

Validate research hypotheses with actionable intelligence delivered through data services from Guidepoint Qsight.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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With Shockwave surpassing Wall Street’s Q3 earnings expectations, Guidepoint Qsight took a closer look at how their new C2 catheter has taken the Coronary Arterial Disease Device market by storm. Can they continue this momentum and remain a market leader: https://bit.ly/3c0iUCk

Guidepoint Insights recently moderated a call with a former CFO of a company that builds small modular reactors to discuss the benefits that they offer over existing #nuclear power plants and potential drawbacks: https://bit.ly/3bDNu4y

Some auto accident cases have clear liability that result in fast settlements. However, cases that result in litigation often land in court because it isn't clear who was at fault. What must litigators examine to prove what happened leading up to a crash?: https://bit.ly/3F38UEP

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