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Master Business Reinvention by Rethinking How You Add Expertise

No matter how large, wide-ranging or global a consultancy, solving complex client challenges across industries requires the ability to add knowledge on demand.

At Guidepoint, we augment the intelligence and ingenuity of the companies charged with transforming the strategies of everyone else.

From accelerating vertical insight to validating a strategic proposal to enhancing an existing capability, we give the world’s leading consulting firms the ability to instantly tap information and intelligence founded in expertise across industries, specialties and technologies.





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We Accelerate Expertise for:

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Consulting Firms

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Gain Insight into Specific Markets & Trends

With access to a wealth of existing intelligence, dynamic data at your fingertips, and a network of 1,625,000+ expert on call, you can quickly master every business sector from the established to the emerging. We simplify and speed up your research process by connecting you with knowledge, no matter how specialized the topic — all at a moment’s notice.

Remove the Legwork from Proposal Work

Securing the deal often depends on the ease of accessing the right expertise. We help eliminate gaps in knowledge and any doubt from your prospective client’s mind by finding the exact expert insights required to turn your proposal from well-informed to most-informed.


Improve Every Aspect of Due Diligence

Whether you need to conduct an audit or perform a full analysis, complete a background or benchmark an entire sector, an assessment is only as comprehensive as the expertise that informs it. That’s why we collaborate to obtain the precise data points and perspectives your requirements demand.

Enhance Research with Custom Recruiting

From arranging quick polls to commissioning detailed surveys, from facilitating individual interviews to canvassing niche groups, we do more than work to fulfill your precise research criteria — we ensure it through on-demand sourcing, adding an average of 20,000 experts to our already vast network every month.


Empower Strategy & Operations Decisions

The difference between vetting a crucial decision and validating one is engaging in the right dialogue. From one-on-one consultations to guided roundtables, we put you in touch with the exact expertise required to rethink organizational structures, remodel go-to-market concepts and remake brand roadmaps.

Drive Implementation with Precision

It’s one thing to seed a vision. It’s quite another to see it through. When it’s time to turn a strategy into reality, we ensure you can draw on the know-how you need on a longer-term basis by enabling you to add experts to your project teams.

Ready to inform your decisions?