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Now more than ever, making the right move in the business world requires making the right connections. At Guidepoint, we help companies of all sizes and revenues outsmart uncertainty by providing instant access to a world of intelligence and insight.

From enhancing the way you investigate markets and inform initiatives to speeding the way you benchmark projects and evaluate products, our rich datasets, comprehensive content library and network of more than 1.5 Million expert Advisors helps corporate executives rapidly turn research into roadmaps.

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We Give Business Leaders Better Insight into:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Assess target competitive positioning, gauge customer base health, perform management checks and gain operational expertise.

Market Research

Obtain unbiased information on any industry, explore niche topics within it, and understand everything from growth drivers to competitive positioning to market threats and opportunities.

Strategic Marketing

From interviews to surveys to blind studies, conduct voice-of-the-customer exercises for unique insights into the dynamics of a particular market.

Research & Development

Explore and pressure-test internal projects and gain insights into competitors’ strategic plans, product portfolios and pipelines.

Strategy & Business Development

Pick the brains of top industry consultants or former industry executives to gain insight into traditional and emerging markets.

Category Assessment

Consult with executives from best-in-class firms in other sectors to identify unique strategies and relevant benchmarks that you can apply to your industry.

Product & Innovation Advancement

Test and optimize concept ideas prior to launching new products or ventures and tap into critical stakeholders to create a continuous feedback loop.

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