Guidepoint Surveys

Turn a World of Experts into Your Strategic Testing Ground with Guidepoint Surveys

Accelerate the way you identify trends, validate hypotheses or uncover hard-to-access information by quickly canvassing a field of experts with Guidepoint Surveys.

Whether you’re looking to dive deep into a specific issue or understand consensus opinions, our survey team will work with you to build an effective questionnaire, deliver it to exactly the right respondent base and turn it all around, all in a short period of time.

3 Ways to Speed Research:



  • Custom-designed content
  • 25-100 Experts
  • Results in Days



  • Pre-existing content
  • 25-100 Experts
  • Results in Days



  • Custom-designed content
  • 25 Experts/Avg
  • Results in Hours


Learn through the Wisdom of Our Crowd

Every research provider follows the same methodology: outline, design, recruit and deliver. What separates Guidepoint Surveys is what separates Guidepoint itself: our network of 1,500,000+  experts across 300+ industries — and our ability to pinpoint and recruit exact populations with keen insight into your topic.

What Guidepoint Surveys Provide:

Speed: we’ll produce the raw data, with initial results within 3 business hours of completion and final data often in less than a week.

Scale: directly tap the minds of up to 100 experts at once, specifically sourced with the category, industry or trend expertise you need.

Statistical Validation: gain critical insight from how thought leaders agree, and just as importantly, the details on how they dissent.

What Our Survey Specialists Needs to Know:

The Scope of Your Inquiry: typical surveys enlist between 25–100 respondents, but many surveys reach far more than that.

The Breadth of Your Curiosity: Do you need to ask 10 questions? 25 questions? We can guide you on the optimal length.

The Details of Your Ask: a seasoned Guidepoint survey analyst will consult with you on your existing survey or help refine your queries into a new, custom questionnaire.


Turn Existing Surveys into Pinpoint Studies

Want to move forward with a previously designed questionnaire? Just provide us with your survey and we’ll take it from there — directly to a hand-picked respondent base culled from our extensive expert network.

How Recruiting-Only Surveys work:

Expert Selection:

We determine the exact populations needed to deliver the insight you need and align on respondents


We set up redirects from our Qualtrics platform to the platform hosting your survey, or upload your survey’s QSF file into our system to begin recruitment

Data Collection:

Once the survey launches, you can access and review data via your own platform or 3rd party software

Ready to Inform Your Decisions?