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We Help 4,500+ Firms Gain Answers — and Advantage

From maximizing opportunity to managing risk, we help institutional, consulting, corporate, legal and professional services clients expand their edge by leveraging the experience of experts to inform their actions.

Clients Work with Us to:

Making Knowledge Industries More Knowledgeable

Investment Firms

In an ever-changing investment landscape, we help source certainty. See why 1,000+ private equity and venture capital firms, 500+ hedge funds (including five of the largest) and top mutual fund companies turn to Guidepoint to investigate every essential in and out.


In an era when business is anything but business-as-usual, we help decision makers determine the way forward. See why more than 1,500 leading companies rely on Guidepoint to unite them with the insight needed to pinpoint the right direction, right away.

Consulting Firms

Because a perspective is only as valuable as it is informed, we enable the transfer of knowledge to those committed to driving transformation. See why over 750 consulting firms (including 9 of the top 10) enhance their expertise by consulting with Guidepoint Advisors.

Multinational Investment Banks

In a business where the quality of results directly relates to the quality of research, we help turn perspective into advantage. See why equity researchers, investment bankers and asset managers turn to Guidepoint for insight across all stages of the investment process.

Professional Services

Because addressing evolving client challenges requires expanded expertise, we connect marketing specialists with a world of knowledge. See why market research firms, PR firms and advertising agencies work with Guidepoint to find endless sources of information — and inspiration.

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