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Guidepoint is continuously hiring talented collaborators to help us make the world smarter by connecting clients with the expertise needed to move their business forward. We give our intellectually curious employees the tools to turn inquiry into insight, offering professional development and the support needed to excel at every turn.

Experience true collaboration in an open environment where employees are encouraged to pursue passions, challenge assumptions, and add their individual expertise to the mix.

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Guidepoint offers a wide range of opportunities to hone your skills and broaden your experience at every stage of your career.

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Working at Guidepoint


At Guidepoint, all employees benefit from a casual hybrid work environment, global exposure and collaboration, engaging team events, wellness activities for mind and body, and much much more.

Social Responsibility

At Guidepoint, we’re committed to our responsibility as social citizens. We frequently work together to raise funds for both local and international causes, and our teams enjoy participating in group activities outside of the office for non-profit organizations.


At Guidepoint, we pride ourselves on the following key values in every aspect of our business: intellectual curiosity, tenacity, integrity, resourcefulness, responsibility, and service. Our industry-leading work shines as a result of concentrated effort to lead with these values.


At Guidepoint, we pride ourselves on a culture of support, empowering employees to pursue their passions and shape their own futures. Ongoing mentorship and an entrepreneurial environment enable our teams to bring their best selves to work every day in pursuit of both personal and career goals.

Strong Sense of Community

Guidepoint believes in developing a strong sense of community among our employees. The environment of teamwork and collaboration we foster in each office is central to providing the high-touch, dedicated service we offer our clients in cities all over the world.

Celebrations & Team Gatherings

Guidepoint understands the value of celebrating achievements both big and small. Whether it’s a team milestone, happy occasion, or cultural event, we want our employees to always feel appreciated and understand the integral role they play in the success of the company.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Guidepoint, our success relies on the diversity of our staff, experts, and client base to make the unique connections that supply the most varied perspectives. Our policies are designed to create an equitable and welcoming environment for all, regardless of background, identity, or experience.

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