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In an increasingly fast-moving world, the right decision is the most informed one. At Guidepoint, we help researchers, teams and companies across the entire investment landscape get the hands-on insights needed today — to gain the upper hand tomorrow.

From deciphering a company’s genuine performance, to getting up to speed on a niche sector, to assessing every intricate opportunity and obstacle around a critical deal, we connect those with the ability to move markets with the knowledge and expertise necessary to help navigate them.

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Hedge Funds

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Empowering Smarter Decisions for:

Hedge Funds

We optimize intelligence for more than 500 hedge funds seeking to maximize their returns and minimize their risk — including many of the largest.

Private and Growth Equity Firms

From gaining insight into opportunities to uncovering hidden risks, we help more than 750 Private and Growth Equity firms eliminate uncertainty at every stage of the deal cycle.

Mutual Funds

We help top mutual fund firms solidify their strategies by filling research gaps, sharpening outlooks and illuminating emerging opportunities.

Venture Capital Firms

Whether exploring early-stage investment or understanding the potential to go public, we give 200+ Venture Capital firms the knowledge they need to maximize their returns.

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