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How successfully you resolve a case depends on how flawlessly you source expertise. Our experienced team helps law firms locate the best possible expert witnesses, determine case merit, conduct case reviews, uncover deeper learnings and enhance subject-matter expertise.

Used individually or all together, our suite of solutions is designed to accelerate your access to specialized professionals, ensure you work with the best experts for your case and streamline up-front spend.

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How We Empower Plaintiff’s Attorneys

As a plaintiff’s attorney, you require a wealth of resources to successfully prove liability, causation and damages on your client’s behalf. When arguing a case, you can rely on our dedicated team of sourcing specialists and medical professionals to assist through every phase of the litigation process. From case intake through trial, we provide the flexibility to utilize our range of services in whatever manner best suits the needs of your case.

Work with Us to:

  • Determine the potential merit of a case
  • Source experts to provide testimony in support of claims
  • Speak one-on-one with an expert to understand niche topics
  • Turn case records into an easy-to-use timeline of events
  • Anticipate and address opposing arguments
  • Gain consensus opinions to determine a clear way forward
  • Contextualize complicated medical details and terminology

As the defense counsel, it’s essential to craft a narrative that removes any implication of your client’s liability. Guidepoint Legal Solutions provides an efficient mechanism for matching you with the best resources available for constructing a successful defense strategy. We’ve designed our suite of individual and comprehensive solutions to provide your firm the clarity, context, and foresight needed to find a favorable outcome for every case.

Work with Us to:

  • Gain an objective analysis of any case
  • Identify hard-to-find experts on any topic
  • Deepen your understanding of a case without a commitment
  • Combine the details of a case into a coherent narrative
  • Uncover flaws in the background and testimony of opposing experts
  • Test case theories with multiple experts at once
  • Prepare in advance for depositions and trial

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