How it works

You have specialized industry knowledge that you’ve worked hard to hone. Our clients have unique questions — and a vested interest in your field. Guidepoint makes it possible for you to connect with the qualified, pre-screened professionals who most need your industry guidance — via the world’s most comprehensive compliance platform.

To become a Guidepoint Advisor, you’ll first be recruited, registered, and rigorously vetted for your knowledge and experience. Our Advisors hail from over 100 industry categories across six sectors: Healthcare; Financial and Business Services; Consumer Goods and Services; Energy, Industrials and Basic Materials; Tech, Media and Telecom; and Legal and Regulatory. Our clients aren’t looking for entry-level; we’re not interested in being a substitute for Google. We provide uncommon connections to the most accomplished professionals possible.

Professionals like you. As a Guidepoint Advisor, you have the opportunity to be part of the professional conversations that can help to change the world. Isn’t that worth answering the call?

The Benefits

Perhaps the greatest unspoken benefit of being a Guidepoint Advisor is that you get to sit down, take a breath, and spend about an hour on the phone with intelligent professionals who are interested in what you have to say – and recognize you as a leading voice in your field.

“I enjoy interacting with your clients maybe more than they enjoy interacting with me. It’s a different part of my day.”
– A Guidepoint Advisor

Be Part of High-Level Conversations

Being an Advisor enables you to crystallize and communicate your opinions about your industry.

It's Easy to Sign Up

Just complete a simple online application and take our tutorial on Guidepoint's compliance policy. That's all it takes.

Feel Secure with Comprehensive Compliance Controls

Our industry-leading compliance platform gives our Advisors that we respect the ultimate assurance that there may be restrictions on what they may discuss and we value their obligations, reputations, and livelihoods.

Enjoy a Self-Determined Pay Structure

As the expert, you tell us what your time is worth. We don't set your rates. You do.

Plugged-in, specialized experts are our lifeblood. Our business is built upon finding the best and the brightest. We take great pride in the value our experts bring to our clients. Ultimately, they hold the key to our reputation. So we are very particular about who becomes a Guidepoint Advisor.