3 Minutes 3 Questions with Richard Ginsberg

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Welcome to Guidepoint’s QuickFire Employee Q&A series: “3 Minutes, 3 Questions.” Embark on a journey into the minds of our accomplished employees, where they share rapid-fire insights into their expertise, experiences, and perspectives. Join us for a brief yet impactful conversation with Richard Ginsberg, the Senior Vice President and Head of Engineering, who brings over a decade of invaluable experience to Guidepoint.

How does technology play a role in Guidepoint’s overall business and strategy?

Richard: Guidepoint leverages technology to standardize processes, while allowing for customization and compliance per the needs of our clients. We embrace the paradigm shifts such as Generative A.I. to speed up our execution.

What background or experience would help make a candidate a good fit for Guidepoint’s technology team, and what’s one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about applying to Guidepoint’s tech team?

Richard: We covet natural born problem solvers who aren’t afraid to take things apart and put them back together in a better way.

Candidates who are open to sharing ideas in a collaborative environment will flourish here. And while we encourage well rounded knowledge and experience, we believe it’s important to pick one or a few passions and really become an expert.

How do we invest in the professional growth of our employees?

Richard:As we have scaled out horizontally, we have naturally added depth to our leadership. Individuals can choose paths such as Team Leads (people manager), Principal Engineer (elite coder), Staff Engineer (technical owner of a project).

We identify the path of least resistance and help our teammates graduate to one of these paths. Professional training sessions as well as self-paced relearning are also provided.

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