Experience Speaks: A Q&A with Guidepoint Alumnus Manzi Burns

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We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Manzi Burns, a former Marketing Coordinator at Guidepoint. Manzi worked with us from April 2021 to August 2022, where she played a pivotal role in creating comprehensive marketing materials and supporting our global teams. In this interview, Manzi shares her journey of discovering Guidepoint through college friends, navigating the challenges of a dynamic work environment, and her aspirations for the future.

When did you work at Guidepoint?

Manzi: April 2021- August 2022

How did you discover Guidepoint?

Manzi: Some of my friends from college had been working there.

Which team/office were you part of?

Manzi: The Marketing team in New York.

What position did you hold during your time?

Manzi: I was a Marketing Coordinator.

What were some of your main responsibilities?

Manzi: I created content for marketing materials to support the global marketing team, sales team, as well as company at large with training/ onboarding materials (case studies, sell sheets, battle cards, onboarding materials, user guides, company rebrand materials etc.)

What do you think your biggest accomplishment was while working here?

Manzi: I worked closely with the corporate sales team and served as their point person for all the marketing materials they needed. I led calls to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses i.e. what information do they need to effectively onboard clients into the system and how should that information be formatted and presented (for internal and external usage).

What skills did you gain or strengthen while working at Guidepoint?

Manzi: Relationship management with multiple stakeholders across multiple teams. I worked at Guidepoint during a time of a lot of turn over (right after COVID) and there was a period that I did not have a direct manager. This granted me with an independence that is rare in an entry level role at a global company. To an extent, I was in charge of my own workflow; it was up to me to decipher my list of priorities and to speak up when I needed clarification or guidance.

How did Guidepoint help prepare you for the role you’re in now?

Manzi: In my current role, it is very easy to stay in your lane and complete daily tasks. However, there are opportunities for those who speak up and ask to take on side projects- something that may develop or add to a skill set out-side of their workstream. At Guidepoint, I was always encouraged to raise a hand and be proactive about my career development. This support meant everything and taught me the importance of being curious in the workplace.

Where do you hope your career takes you in the next 5 years?

Manzi: I hope in the next 5 years I am leading my own team and being a mentor for others.

Who would you consider to be your biggest career inspiration at Guidepoint or outside of the company?

Manzi: Mike Gold!! For sure! Amazing mentor and so involved with his team’s career development (at Guidepoint and beyond). Anyone would be lucky to work under him.

Did you make any friends that you’re still in touch with now?

Manzi: Yes! Logan and Tiffany. Wish I saw everyone more. Would love to get together at some point this summer (I just moved to Chelsea so I’m right in the neighborhood!)

What was the most interesting or rewarding part of working in the expert network industry?

Manzi: Most interesting part, to me, is the very human nature of the industry. We talked about it almost as though it were a “Google” or a search engine, but filled with experts that contain knowledge that can be passed from person to person.

What advice would you give to someone applying to Guidepoint?

Manzi: Guidepoint is an amazing company, especially for those earlier in their career. I think it is a great company to develop skills at and there is so much room for growth. I miss it!

What would you consider yourself an expert at?

Manzi: The past year and a half I have become an expert at the processes used by American Express to get an email campaign out the door. I work the end to end process, from creative strategy to execution in Salesforce/Marketingforce to testing and reporting.

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