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About Guidepoint Legal Solutions

Guidepoint Legal Solutions provides key expertise to meet client needs throughout the litigation cycle. From intake through the stages of review, our in-house, US-trained physicians give thorough feedback on your case. We vet and source first-rate expertise for client needs, providing the best-matched medical expert witnesses for specific client case requirements. These services are available to both defendant and plaintiff attorneys.

Products & Services

Clients can engage with the Guidepoint Legal Solutions team and interact with experts from the Guidepoint Network to determine case merit, request case reviews, and source expert witnesses and subject matter expertise.

Case Merit Analysis

Based on a systematic review and analysis of the records provided, Guidepoint’s in-house, US-trained team of physicians discuss the merits of a case based on standards of care, causation, and damages, as well as provide a narrative summary of pertinent medical events.

Medical Event Chronology

The client is provided with salient details of the medical records in an easy-to-read timeline which represents the end-product of an in-depth review and analysis performed by physicians. By only cataloging records essential to the claim, the Guidepoint medical event chronology allows for a more efficient and cost-effective process.

Expert Witness Search

Guidepoint’s customized expert search platform provides an efficient, professional mechanism for matching our clients with the qualified experts they need to buttress their claims.

Clinicians on Call

We provide clients with tools to support or reject a case theory. Our in-house, US-trained medical professionals are on call for any of your needs, including medical literature reviews, deposition preparation, or theory rebuttals. We also offer a Challenge Study, gaining insight into our clients’ opposing counsel’s expert witnesses, including a criminal and litigation history, and a search of this expert’s own scientific or medical publications.

Subject Matter Expert Consultation

This is designed to allow clients to engage with an expert in any field to gain a quick and up-to-date understanding of any subject matter relating to a potential claim. This service may be utilized at any point in the litigation process.


Our surveys offer clients the unique ability to harness the opinions of several relevant subject matter experts for a case in which a clear answer might not be apparent. Guidepoint’s vast expert network offers the ability to clarify in cases where the standard of care may not be of issue.

Key Differentiators


Full-range of expertise delivered in firm-friendly ways throughout the duration of your case.


Our single-point-of-contact engagement model ensures that client-specific needs are met.


In-house team of medical doctors to screen cases and provide merit analysis.


Ability to survey targeted groups of medical and non-medical experts to test claims and understand consensus views.


On-demand access to over 1,000,000 experts in addition to custom sourcing and vetting of expert witnesses.

Sample Workflow of Our Offerings


Case Intake


Case Merit Analysis Performed


Narrative Summary Created


Medical Event Chronology Prepared


Expert Witness Criteria Collected


Targeted Expert Witness Search Conducted


Expert Vetting Process Completed


Qualified Expert Witnesses Sent to Clients for Approval


Client Performs Vetting Calls with Top Candidates


Expert Witness Selected


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How do I know I can trust the experts provided by Guidepoint?

Each expert provided by Guidepoint has been screened through a thorough vetting process including previous litigation experience, criminal background checks, Daubert/Frye, and others. We screen our experts to ensure credentials are accurate in order to provide our clients with knowledgeable experts they know they can trust.

Our attorneys usually find their own experts. What are the benefits to using Guidepoint to find experts instead?

Guidepoint Legal Solutions allows our clients to work more efficiently by providing resources necessary to screen cases and in turn position themselves for success. By utilizing Guidepoint’s extensive network of over 1,000,000 experts, our clients are guaranteed to be connected with key opinion leaders in any field. Guidepoint’s subscription rates are transparent and more cost effective than hourly services so you know what you are paying up front.

How are Guidepoint’s experts different from those I can find online?

Guidepoint experts are not “hired guns.” Guidepoint connects clients with professional experts who are highly credential and dedicated to their fields of expertise. In the case of an Expert Witness Search, Guidepoint is committed to providing clients with an expert who can help them gain a better understanding of their specialized field. Additionally, Guidepoint’s experts are extensively vetted to verify their credentials and suitability.

We have our own network of individuals we like to reuse. Is there a benefit to using new individuals as experts on different cases?

Our clients have found it very helpful to supplement a list of experts they have already used with new experts to avoid over-usage. Doing so enables a new group of experts to serve on cases, replenishing lists of available experts.

Does Guidepoint Legal Solutions only have medical experts? Do you have non-medical experts?

The Guidepoint Legal Solutions team can service requests for experts in nearly any field or industry. To do so, the Legal Solutions team draws on Guidepoint’s extensive network and searches for experts in the requested field. The Legal Solutions team is also able to custom recruit outside of our network for an expert that best suits our client’s needs. We can custom recruit specific experts outside of our network if they are requested by the client.