Roundtable Case Study

Identifying Valuable White Space through a Roundtable

The challenge

An analyst from a leading hedge fund needed to fill gaps in her research regarding the ride-sharing industry in order to identify potential investment opportunities.

Helping drive opportunities in ride-sharing through knowledge-sharing

The solution

Knowing that shifts in one industry can reveal opportunities in another sector, the Guidepoint Insights team uncovered a trend around the gig economy that could open roads in the ride-sharing category — and invited the analyst to a Guidepoint Roundtable featuring the former CEO of a food delivery service.

By participating in a Roundtable event — exclusive, moderated gatherings that bring together influential industry professionals from our network for an open discussion — the client had the unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with a knowledgeable and experienced Advisor, ask critical questions and glean additional insights from the conversation between the ex-CEO and other expert attendees.

The results

Thanks to the rare chance to dialogue directly with an executive from a category with similar challenges and contexts, the hedge fund analyst left the Roundtable with a better understanding of untapped investment opportunities in the ride-sharing space.

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