Case Study: Sourcing Expertise to Make Liability More of a Certainty

The challenge

A Tampa-based law firm turned to us to custom-recruit highly-qualified medical and non-medical expert witnesses to prove a case. A golfer in his seventies had suffered head trauma and a broken hip after falling on the course’s asphalt path, with his Premises Liability suit alleging the asphalt was improperly constructed, and therefore directly responsible for his fall.

With the case complicated by the plaintiff’s preexisting osteoporosis. the firm sought experts whose testimonies could prove the pathway wasn’t reasonably safe for foot traffic, regardless of any other factor.

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The solution

Our team of custom sourcing specialists responded by quickly seeking and thoroughly vetting experts from multiple backgrounds to serve the needs of the case from every angle:

  • We located a premises safety expert who testified that the pathway’s brittle, bumpy asphalt, which did not meet safety standards, was the result of unrepaired oxidation damage brought on by Florida’s intense heat and frequent rain — establishing the defendant’s liability.
  • We simultaneously sourced a rheumatologist who testified the fall would have caused considerable damage regardless of the client’s osteoporosis — highlighting the exact nature of the injuries using MRI scans from before and after the fall.

The results

With the expert testimony provided by both the premises safety expert and rheumatologist proving pivotal to the attorney’s argument, the Tampa firm reached a winning verdict in the case.

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