Case Study: Leveraging Data to Move an Orthopedics Strategy Forward

The challenge

To help ensure his leading medical device company had the strategy needed to remain in the forefront, a marketing executive came to us looking for a detailed, data-fueled understanding of possible threats and opportunities in the category.

Helping a medical devices marketer turn a custom mix of data sets into a winning combination

The solution

Relying on a tailored approach to data built around client needs, the Guidepoint Qsight team assembled a unique mix of syndicated sources, alternative data and custom-sourced primary data in order to highlight specific trends in the hip and knee replacement landscape.

Additionally, Qsight’s data scientists and market research specialists accessed a comprehensive portfolio of data assets from 4,000+ healthcare facilities to help the client better understand his company’s true position in the orthopedic market.

The results

Thanks to a true partnership with the Qsight team, our marketing client uncovered the insight needed to build a solid strategic vision — a plan that outlined key market drivers, his company’s share of the market and new, white-space product opportunities worth pursuing.

Source Critical Data on Demand