An Interview with Guidepoint Employee Eloise Crowther

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Meet Eloise! Eloise Crowther graduated from the University of Manchester in 2018 with a degree in Biomedical Sciences. She is a massive foodie and loves eating out, especially exploring London’s new restaurants. When out of the office, Eloise enjoys keeping fit, taking trips to the cinema, and going for long walks in the countryside with her two Portuguese Water dogs, Finn and Binky.


Guidepoint: What is the best part of working on the Client Service team?


Eloise: Definitely the people. Guidepoint’s culture is so supportive and team-oriented. Everyone is willing to help and no question is too big or small.


Guidepoint: What do you find most interesting about working in the expert network industry?


Eloise: I would say my favourite things are the breadth of projects I work on and the clients I work with. My clients are massively varied & range from leading consulting companies to industrial giants so there are very few industries I have not encountered! I find learning about new industries very interesting and motivating as no 2 days are the same.


Guidepoint: What has been one of your biggest accomplishments so far in your career?


Eloise: My first trial client win is one memory that stands out. I remember it was a really tricky brief so the fact I managed to get it turned around quickly and deliver some innovative expert profiles was a big achievement.


Guidepoint: Have you ever seen something you’ve worked on reflected in the news? What was it?


Eloise: During the pandemic, the COVID vaccine was a particularly interesting and hot topic with a lot of my clients. Following projects, I would often see my clients’ names pop up in the news or on LinkedIn. It made me feel proud that myself and my team had been such a big part of their research.


Guidepoint: What’s something you learned unexpectedly while working at Guidepoint?


Eloise: One skill I have definitely developed is time management and being an expert multi-tasker in a fast-paced environment.


Guidepoint: What’s the most unique kind of expert you’ve worked with at Guidepoint?


Eloise: There have been so many weird and wonderful projects but a recent one I worked on was Gen Z Interior Design. Definitely a market I had never touched on before!


Guidepoint: Who is your biggest career inspiration whether internally at Guidepoint or externally?


Eloise: Jon Adkins our Head of International & Jagjeet Kang-Pabla, Senior Vice President of Client Service are big inspirations to me! They are both so supportive to the London team whilst still juggling a thousand other work commitments. Outside of Guidepoint, I love podcasts so I am constantly inspired by amazing business people. Some examples of recent inspirations are Karren Brady, Michael Acton Smith (founder of Calm app), and Tom Blomfield (founder of Monzo).


Guidepoint: Where do you hope your career takes you in the next 5 years?


Eloise: In the next 5 years, I hope to remain challenged and continue to strive outside my comfort zone. Whether that is taking on new responsibilities, moving abroad, or simply expanding my client portfolio so I can continue to learn new things.


Guidepoint: What would you consider yourself an expert in or at?


Eloise: Dogs 100% – I am a crazy dog lady and can name almost every dog breed. It is slightly worrying how many dog-related accounts I follow on Instagram!

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