An Interview with Guidepoint Employee Sheza Qadri

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Meet Sheza! Sheza was born and raised in the UAE and attended the University of Wollongong in Dubai, where she studied Business Management.
Her hobbies include painting, horseback riding, and fine dining!


Guidepoint: What is the best part of working on the Client Service team?


Sheza: The best part is working alongside my colleagues. Our team is filled with like-minded individuals and as a result this creates not only a productive environment but also a fun one.


Guidepoint: What do you find most interesting about working in the expert network industry?


Sheza: Definitely the range of different industries I come across. Every day is exciting as I’ll get to explore and learn a new industry or a very niche and interesting topics such as sports, media, and luxury living.


Guidepoint: What has been one of your biggest accomplishments so far in your career?


Sheza: Something I consider an accomplishment is the regular communication with the managers on ways to improve efficiency and productivity on the Client Service Team. Furthermore, it is always rewarding to see the experts that I have recruited into the network express their gratitude for the fruitful consultations they have gotten the chance to be a part of.


Guidepoint: Have you ever seen something you’ve worked on reflected in the news? What was it?


Sheza: Yes! Our consulting clients typically work with government entities and it is always fascinating to see our work have a real impact on major decisions such as education, housing, sustainability, and more. With regards to our investment clients, I always find it interesting to read up on their acquisitions of certain companies or certain industries because of the experts we provided to them. It really does show how much of a major impact the experts have on their strategic investment decisions.


Guidepoint: What’s something you learned unexpectedly while working at Guidepoint?


Sheza: Something I learned at Guidepoint that I wasn’t aware of, is the vast variety of roles people take on in their careers. We often get really niche and particular projects that we think we won’t find an advisor for and I am always surprised to know that for every niche topic, there is always an expert in that area.


Guidepoint: What’s the most unique kind of expert you’ve worked with at Guidepoint?


Sheza: I have come across many extraordinary individuals who are doing amazing work in their fields and truly making a change for the better. One expert that has left quite the mark on me is a rare disease advocate. He founded a charity in honor of his daughter who was diagnosed with a rare and terminal illness. He has now devoted his life to supporting research for potential treatments.


Guidepoint: Who is your biggest career inspiration whether internally at Guidepoint or externally?


Sheza: My biggest career inspiration is definitely my father. He worked in one of the largest telecommunication companies in the Middle East for 24 years. From a very young age, I have seen his hard work and integrity and he has always supported me and guided me in every venture.


Guidepoint: Where do you hope your career takes you in the next 5 years?


Sheza: My goal in 5 years is to see significant growth in all my skills set. One of my longer-term career goals is to master building my professional network and become a thought leader in my industry. I would love to gain global experience and achieve professional certifications throughout my career and always strive to keep learning.


Guidepoint: What would you consider yourself an expert in or at?


Sheza: Met Galas, Fashion Week shows around the world and all things fashion-related. I believe fashion is a powerful art with movement, design, and architecture all in one and it’s something I am very passionate about.

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