Getting to Know Guidepoint Advisor Lloydette Bai-Marrow

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We are excited to conduct our first Guidepoint Advisor interview with Lloydette Bai-Marrow, an anti‑corruption expert and lawyer, with extensive experience working with companies and institutions to develop effective strategies to tackle fraud, bribery, and corruption. Lloydette was a former Principal Investigative Lawyer for the Serious Fraud Office and was responsible for providing legal advice and practical leadership on some of the most serious cases of top-tier fraud, bribery, and corruption in the UK and abroad. She is a respected and sought-after expert in her field and she regularly provides expert insight and analysis to a range of organizations including top investment banks, strategic consultancies, asset managers, and hedge funds.


Guidepoint: Can you give us a little background about yourself and take us through how you started your career and how you eventually became an expert in your field?


Lloydette: I began my career as a government lawyer working on a range of criminal cases. I spent a lot of time prosecuting in the courts. This was a steep learning curve, but it enabled me to become a very competent advocate. I knew that I wanted to focus on serious economic crime and so I moved to the Serious Fraud Office to work on the most complex fraud, bribery, and money laundering cases. Whilst at the SFO, I worked on high-profile cases and worked at the forefront of new law. I loved my job, but I wanted to take on the new challenge of building my own consulting practice. I did so four years ago. It has been hard work, but I have never looked back.


I developed my expertise by identifying where my interests and strengths lie and sought to nurture and excel in those areas. I have used my knowledge to help develop others whilst being equipped to deliver consistent quality and value for clients.


Guidepoint: How long into your career did you start consulting on behalf of an expert network?


Lloydette: 12 years.


Guidepoint: 12 years is a long time. How has your industry changed since then and how have you adapted to stay on top of everything?


Lloydette: It has changed significantly! The work that I do is now considered interesting and “sexy”! For the longest time, the DOJ, using the FCPA, was the world’s policeman when it came to corporate criminal liability for bribery and corruption issues. The reality is that the UK Bribery Act reshaped the economic crime landscape, in particular, because of the failure to prevent bribery offence. Many other jurisdictions have followed in the footsteps of the FCPA and the Bribery Act by enacting similar laws to tackle corporate crime. I have stayed on top of all the changes by continually keeping abreast of legislative and policy developments both in my own jurisdiction but also globally. I prioritise my professional development and invest in it. I am a thought leader in my industry, and I write articles, blogs and contribute to reporting by national and international newspapers like the New York Times and the Telegraph.


Guidepoint: What has been the biggest benefit of consulting on behalf of an expert network?


Lloydette: Speaking to some of the most interesting and intellectual people and being challenged by those discussions.


Guidepoint: Do you see yourself consulting on behalf of an expert network for the foreseeable future?


Lloydette: Absolutely. I love the range of engagements that can come into my inbox!


Guidepoint: What advice would you give incoming experts to help them succeed in consulting on behalf of an expert network?


Lloydette: Be prepared, professional, and punctual! Listen carefully to the questions being posed and don’t assume that you know where the client wants to take the discussion.

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