Navigating E-commerce, Analytics, and Marketing in a Digital Age

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A market research company needed help navigating the large and complex world of e-commerce and digital analytics. They were working on behalf of a major software company to gain insights from key decision makers at major corporations. They wanted to better understand the factors these Advisors consider when selecting a provider and to gain first‑hand insight into opinions and perceptions of various players. The team ultimately wanted to answer the question “what is important to you and your team in your marketing and analytics vendors?”


Immediately, the Guidepoint Market Research Team pulled together a robust list of relevant Advisors so the client could review and begin designing their screening criteria. As soon as the client gave the “green light,” the team vetted these Advisors and sent over qualified candidates.


Within hours, Guidepoint sent over e-commerce and analytics leads from major CPG, retail, and technology companies. In addition to relevant employment information, the Guidepoint team used the detailed screening criteria which offered information such as:
  • What solution(s) each Advisor was currently using
  • A clear outline of the Advisor’s involvement in decision making


The screening criteria allowed the Market Research Team to quickly select Guidepoint Advisors for the client to speak with the same day.


Examples of Advisors included:
  • A vice president of marketing at a major international clothing brand
  • A head of consumer beauty marketing at a Fortune 500 beauty and fragrance company
  • A head of e-commerce, digital marketing, and omnichannel strategy at a major hardware retailer
  • A vice president of direct-to-consumer at a Fortune 500 CPG company
  • A vice president of e-commerce at a major food manufacturer
  • A head of e-commerce at a cutting-edge consumer technology company
  • A vice president of global e-commerce at a global sports apparel company


The client conducted 17 calls on a short timeline. They reported that their team and client were “thrilled with the quality of the respondents” and that they were “both super pleased with the recruitment process.” They also noted that the Guidepoint team “made this look easy” for such a large-scope project with many moving parts.


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