Understanding How Quickly Business is Transitioning to the Cloud

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A consulting team was just staffed on a PE due diligence project and needed to answer the question: “At what rate is business shifting to the cloud?”


  • Guidepoint quickly vetted over 200 industry experts, including Fortune 500 CIOs and System Integrators who counsel technology executives
  • Guidepoint screened Advisors in detail, providing client with what cloud solution(s) each was currently using and what solution(s) they had previously used or considered
  • Guidepoint scheduled 6 telephone consultations for the client: 3 CIOs and 3 integrators


Sample Advisors included:
  • Multiple Fortune 500 CIOs
  • Chief Technologist at major industrial company
  • Corporate IT Executive at Fortune 100 company


The client was able to speak directly with both decision makers and system integrators/key opinion leaders. The client team noted “You guys were tremendously helpful!” and has since reached out to Guidepoint repeatedly on their due diligence work.


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