Igniting Innovations in Electric Vehicle Product Development


As the electric mobility landscape continues to evolve rapidly, an automotive industry leader in Korea sets its sights on pioneering advancements in Electric Vehicle (EV) offerings through revolutionary UX/UI applications. The vision? Harness the insights from a curated Silicon Valley expert panel to propel a strategic evolution of EV product development.

Guided by this ambitious objective, the corporate leadership partnered with Guidepoint to orchestrate a high-level focus group, laying the groundwork for the future of electric mobility.

Pre-Meeting Support: Setting the Stage

As preparation for the focus group, Guidepoint teams in Seoul and San Francisco collaborated closely with the client to set up strategic priorities, including recruiting high-profile experts based on the client’s screening criteria. In addition to this, the team meticulously selected a moderator group based in the US to provide critical facilitation of the session including setting up a discussion guide, organizing pre-meeting, and onsite moderation. This early planning was crucial to seamlessly integrating the required expertise into the program, aligning with the project’s larger vision.

In-Meeting Support: A Symphony of Insight

During the 3-hour focus group discussions, a vibrant knowledge exchange was professionally orchestrated by Guidepoint’s moderator. The expert panel—comprised of five influential industry specialists— brought forth a wealth of valuable insights and unique perspectives. Within this distinctive environment, the discussion was not only focused but also rich with knowledge that would chart the course for future innovations in EV product development.

Post-Meeting Support: Architecting the Future

In the wake of the vibrant discussion, Guidepoint’s dedication continued, capturing detailed meeting reports, and providing executive summaries and other vital deliverables. These meeting deliverables effectively captured the wealth of insights generated, providing the client with a structured and actionable blueprint to advance their strategic projects.

Results: Sowing Seeds of Innovation

Guided by a highly-tailored workflow and full-scale commitment from Guidepoint’s global teams, the client’s research vision came to fruition. Our client was able to map out upcoming technological and service-related optimizations for their product, sourcing fresh, innovative ideas to influence the future of EV product development.


Focus Group Research Support Summary
Project Duration: 3 months
Focus Group Discussion: 3 hours

Recruited a panel of five distinguished UX/UI specialists, including:

  • Senior Program Manager with 14 years’ experience in providing operational structure and governance in leading engineering, product, and UX teams for Google
  • Senior UX Researcher at Meta Platforms who specializes in quantitative and qualitative user research on the feed ranking algorithm of content
  • User Experience and Product Strategy Consultant at ProdeX who specialises in product evaluation, experience assessment, and UX strategy to early-stage product team
  • EE System Engineer at Meta Platforms who has 18+ years of Automotive Electronics Development for Body, ADAS in motor R&D
  • Former Vice President of Product Operations & Product Management from ChargePoint

End-to-end meeting support:

  • Meeting Moderation
  • Meeting Logistics support including facility rental, on-site support, notetaking, meeting recording & transcription
  • Post-meeting reports and essential deliverables

This case study narrates Guidepoint’s seamless orchestration of a high-stakes strategic collaboration, capturing the essence of a vivid cross-continental exchange that redefined the strategic trajectory of EV product development.
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