Meet Your Recruiter, Bailee Rollins

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Meet Bailee! Bailee is a Regional Talent Acquisition Manager here at Guidepoint. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a dual degree in Psychology & English in 2016 and later went on to complete a Master’s in HED Organization & Administration. Bailee loves connecting with people, building relationships, reading, writing poetry, playing video games, camping, and attending hot yoga classes in her free time! She also has a Goldendoodle named Rin and loves to collect anime stickers and pins!

Why did you pursue a career in recruiting?


Bailee: I have always been passionate about my career and how it plays a major role in our lives. In my prior role, I advised employers on how to build talent pipelines from universities and colleges for entry-level roles, I wanted to shift industries and put my teaching into practice.


What’s your favorite aspect of the recruiting process?


Bailee: Finding the match between candidate and role and championing the Guidepoint brand!


What does a typical interview process and timeline look like?


Bailee: Candidates experience an initial screen with a campus recruiter, they can expect behavioral interview questions. Within a week they can expect to be notified about their second rounds, and the second-round interview is the final interview. They will meet with the hiring managers/teams back-to-back, receive a 15-minute break, and then be administered a mock assessment via email. The mock is a stimulated client request in which they execute as if they were already an Associate at Guidepoint- they have an independent hour to complete it and send it back. From there the candidate would hear about an offer or not within a few days.


What’s something that typically stands out to you when you’re screening a candidate?


Bailee: There are 3 main pieces that I look for in the screen. 1. Excellent communication and the ability to connect their past experience to the role. 2. Great examples of how they have thrived in a fast-paced environment. 3. Eagerness to learn and grow as intellectual curiosity is one of Guidepoint’s core values.


Why did you apply to Guidepoint?


Bailee: I had the opportunity to work with Guidepoint during my time working in higher education. I was impressed with the culture, people, values, and career opportunities they offered. I knew I wanted to be challenged, grow my career, and make an impact in a new way.


How would you describe Guidepoint company culture?


Bailee: Social, authentic, and hardworking! Guidepoint’s culture has a casual start-up feel to it, there is always an exciting buzz in the room and a sense of community. Guidepoint also has a culture that focuses on professional development and rewarding hard work.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about applying to Guidepoint?


Bailee: Prepare, practice, repeat! I love when candidates come into the interview with a strong understanding of who Guidepoint is and can confidently demonstrate why they want to work for the company.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Bailee: I am a huge nerd! I love philosophy and fantasy novels, anime, and TFT (League of Legends).

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