A comprehensive analysis of the Australian clinical trials market

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Guidepoint’s client at a global consulting firm needed to accelerate their understanding of the clinical trial space in Australia. The client requested 1-on-1 consultations with experts who can share the below critical information:
  • A holistic view of the Clinical/Contract Research Organization (CROs) market landscape and segmentation
  • Extensive knowledge of the referral and process flows in clinical trials
  • Unique perspectives on Australia’s positioning as an attractive clinical trial destination


Upon receiving the request, the project team was able to locate 500+ potential expert profiles from Guidepoint’s network. The team also custom recruited experts based on the specific research criteria and pivoted angles in the two-week project duration.
Important phone consultations were conducted with notable clinical research Advisors, including:
Advisor A – Regional Director APAC of a global health research company. Prior to that, he was a clinical research specialist at global health information technology and clinical research company. Advisor has more than 10 years’ experience in clinical operations in the hospital and healthcare industry.
Advisor B – Former CEO of a dedicated clinical trial unit within a regional hospital. He was overseeing the clinical trials for companies and researchers to develop new medicines. Prior to that, he was the Regional Head of APAC at one of the world’s most comprehensive drug development service companies.
Advisor C – Head of Biologics Analytics of a multinational pharmaceutical company. Advisor is responsible for design, planning, performance and interpretation of the scientific experiments and the delivery of drug substances and products.


The client was able to gather all the important factors that makes Australia an attractive geography for clinical trials. With Guidepoint’s help, the client expanded the research scope to the entire APAC region for a more comprehensive market assessment for their end clients.


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