Uncover Opportunities in the Australian Data Center Market

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Guidepoint’s client, an Australia-based private equity firm needed to accelerate their understanding of the data center industry in the local market. The client engaged Guidepoint in the early stage of their deal process in order to leverage our knowledge of relevant experts in this field.
The client needed to speak to experts in the supply, wholesale, and retail markets to gain insights into the market landscape, competitive dynamics, and scaling opportunities.


Knowing that this strategic project would require ongoing support, Guidepoint set up a dedicated service team to make sure that we could follow the project development and provide seamless assistance.
During 15 months of continuous support, the Guidepoint team managed to identify more than 170 relevant expert profiles and assisted the client in pivoting their research to cover a wide range of angles.
Several important consultations were conducted with high-profile experts like those below:
  1. VP Sales & Marketing of one of Australia’s major data center operators
  2. Former VP ANZ & Pacific Islands of one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies
  3. CTO and Cloud Leader of an international technology company


As a result of the consultations, the client was able to gain the critical insights they required and advance their deal process. Their entire research team was very satisfied with Guidepoint’s capability for meeting their needs at different stages of the deal life cycle, leading them say:” The calls you facilitated throughout the process were super helpful. We will definitely engage you on any other upcoming projects.”


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