Case Study: Serving up QSR Insight with Focus Polls

The challenge

After participating in several teleconferences hosted by the Guidepoint Insights team that centered around the fast-food industry, a hedge fund client asked us for a quick way to dive deeper into potential opportunities in the space.

Helping a hedge fund identify actionable fast food intelligence — fast

The solution

Within an hour of the request, the client received access to two focus polls — short-format, longitudinal and cross-sectional surveys commissioned by the Insights team that capture hard-to-source expert takes on product launches and underlying business trends across industries.

With polls from the past two quarters canvassing five different fast-food chains, we introduced a new, simple way for the client to explore and understand industry dynamics. The team also made sure the client’s email preferences were updated, so they’d be notified as soon as the next quarter’s focus poll became available.

The results

By gaining immediate access to industry-specific focus polls, the client obtained valuable first-person intelligence into market-driving factors impacting the fast-food space — without needing to do any heavy lifting.

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