Case Study: Adding Custom Insight to an Analyst’s Conference Agenda

The challenge

Our client, a hedge fund healthcare equity analyst, wanted to sharpen his focus at a recent ASCO Annual Meeting, one of the world’s largest medical conferences. His goal: gain additional perspectives about the conference topics — along with other related topics that weren’t being addressed on the conference agenda.

Helping a conference attendee transform their conference itinerary

The solution

Coordinated around the ASCO panels, the Guidepoint Insights team arranged and hosted a series of live and virtual sessions which enabled the client to have smaller, interactive sessions with key opinion leaders in his areas of focus, allowing him to:

  • Ask complex questions covering a range of fields and topics, all within a limited amount of time.
  • Take the pulse of the field, hearing what other investors, doctors, and scientists were most interested in.
  • Gain a relevant, comprehensive and personalized understanding of the issues unavailable to him in the larger, traditional conference setting

The results

Thanks to the unique opportunity to question hand-picked experts in a smaller, intimate setting the healthcare equity analyst left the conference with valuable insights to apply to his hedge fund’s investment strategy.

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