Case Study: Going beyond numbers with COVID-19

The challenge

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a client needed to urgently understand how the virus could affect various markets. With so much uncertainty, they weren’t sure what questions to ask, or the type of experts most equipped to answer them.

Helping clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the unprecedented

The solution

We directed the client to events created by the Guidepoint Insights team, who from early on have been documenting how the Coronavirus, quarantine and related factors have impacted businesses worldwide.

The team invited the client to attend an ongoing series of fully-moderated, expert-led teleconferences detailing the effects on specific industries and individual companies, along with a multi-faceted understanding of how to proceed going forward, where future-growth could come from, and what opportunities may arise in the near- and long-term.

The Insights team also introduced the client to the Insights Library portal, an on-demand platform containing numerous additional audio recordings and transcripts from previous COVID-19 teleconferences.

The results

By participating in live calls and reviewing content in the Insights Library, the client rapidly obtained an in-depth understanding of how to operate, what to expect, and where to invest in this new, more complex environment.

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