Case Study: Discovering the Hidden Drivers behind Medical Data

The challenge

A market research manager at a large healthcare company came to the Guidepoint Qsight team with a simple but critical request: the need to understand why certain use trends were being observed across various medical websites.

Helping a market researcher diagnose underlying causes of healthcare trends

The solution

As a subscriber to one of Qsight’s Aesthetics TRACKERs — part of the team’s TRACKER product suite that collects primary survey data on a monthly basis from 2,300+ physicians across specialties — the client requested additional qualitative research that went beyond the data, presentations and supplemental commentary already available in the report.

Guidepoint went the extra mile to reach out to specific TRACKER respondents (who always remain anonymous to the client) to further understand the drivers behind each highlighted use case and provide the unique insights the client needed.

The results

Thanks to the insights delivered within Qsight TRACKER and the additional qualitative clarifications sourced from physicians, our market research client received an informed and calculated analysis of the trend — along with a full understanding of its utilization across several different medical sites.

Gain Understanding through Primary Data