CASE STUDY: Fast Tracking an Extensive Study to Propel a Biotech

The challenge

An American biotech with a promising new treatment under development needed to obtain meaningful context on the disease’s current treatment landscape in order to deliver a thought-leading presentation at a fast-approaching medical conference.

Helping a Biotech Firm quickly take the pulse of 300 medical specialists

The solution

The Guidepoint Surveys team, which delivers several types of studies to help clients gain a broad perspective or detailed, deep dive on an issue, expedited its entire process to meet a tight timeline, including:

  • Refining the questionnaire to maximize its effectiveness, and programming the survey
  • Identifying thousands of potential participants from our Advisor network and rapidly recruiting gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, and other doctors within the requested specialties
  • Launching the survey and collecting responses from a fully-vetted, 300-strong physician panel
  • Producing a 34-page report, complete with study methodology and data tables

The results

In just 14 days, the Survey team crafted the questionnaire, custom-selected respondents and turned around a report. The study proved critical to the company’s upcoming presentation, as it offered a window into the current state of the disease from the treating physician’s point of view.

Data included:

  • Physician time spent managing and treating patients
  • Answers around awareness of medical guidelines and opinions as to their usefulness
  • The type of screening and diagnosis protocols used
  • The type of treatments prescribed

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